A downloadable cmd car game for Windows

A simple game about avoiding stuff and collecting gas, all in a Command Prompt window.

This game was made without an engine or graphics library, only by using the conio.h and windows.h libraries in c++ over the course of 3 weeks for a university project.

I decided to code in a way that's similar to coding a game engine (You can almost call it that), so that it seemed like I've made my own """""engine""""". Therefore, you can costumize the sprites.

Hope you'll try, and let me know if you can spot any bugs.

  • How to play

WASD to move.

Avoid the mud puddles and the cars, get the gas.

Every 1000 points, you proceed to the next level.

Published 27 days ago
Authorunforeseen creations
GenreRacing, Action
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Pixel Art, Retro

Install instructions

To install, just exctract the folder and click on Play.ink!


CMD Car Game.zip 292 kB

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